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Friday Matinee - April 5, 2013

Host: Paul Strickland

Guests: Jessica Fisher, author of Make Ahead And Freeze , Jeff Barber, Bob Hernandez

Topics: How to get a book published, Art Slams and more...

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Airing Fridays at Noon, join Paul Strickland and listen in on the Friday Matinee. Paul knows what's happening in the SCV, and spends quality time with fascinating guests.

Friday Matinee - April 5, 2013

On today’s show, Paul speaks with Jessica Fisher, who has her own cookbook. It is very difficult to get started on creating a book and making it appetizing for the reader.

How did you get started, Paul said.

I just started a blog and just putting my stuff out there, Jessica said. I just kept writing and refining my craft and things have been working out.

People do not know how to market and sell their book. It is a real process.

I was misinformed because I thought you would have to write the book first. But for non-fiction you have to sell the idea then craft the book after, Jessica said.

As technology has evolved in the past few years it has been a great model and catalyst for books to get beyond the library and into more homes via that technology.

“I have had great success selling my E-books,” Jessica said.

It is a real great thing that you were able to do this by itself and knowing that you have six kids makes it all the more commending.

“It makes me smile to know that people are reading my book and saying that it’s funny and comforting that other families do the same things we do,” Jessica said.

Jessica’s book, Make Ahead And Freeze,  is about making your own TV dinners. Making a meal and freezing it for those days you can come home and have a great meal that you prepared and ready in minutes.

“It can work for anybody,” Jessica said.

There are a bunch of “Slams” going around the Santa Clarita Valley, that is Art Slam that is.

A place where the valley gets together and displays art from various disciplines.

“We also did trashion,” Barber said. “Fashion made out of trash.”

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