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Friday Matinee - February 22, 2013

Guest: Laurie Morgan to talk about the Santa Clarita Artist Association

Guest: TimBen Boydston to talk about the Arts Commission and Arts Foundation of the City of Santa Clarita

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Friday Matinee on Friday February 22, 2013

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Friday matinee with Paul Strickland airs on AM-1220 KHTS every Friday from 12-1 pm

Friday Matinee is all about the arts and host Paul Strickland had Laurie Morgan on to talk about the Santa Clarita Artist Association. The Santa Clarita Artist Association is always looking for places to showcase their artists work and there is an event happening on April 28th which is the spring art festival sale. The spring festival sale will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the garden at Le Chene. There are expected to be about 30 artists with all different types of artwork on display.

The Santa Clarita Artist Association is still looking for a new gallery. “If somebody would love to donate a place or give us a reduced rent then we would adore having a location on Main Street,” said Laurie Morgan.

Paul Strickland also had TimBen Boydston on the show who is not only a City Councilmember but also the Executive Director at the Canyon Theatre Guild. Boydston also doubles as the Artistic Director as well.

The arts are very important in the Santa Clarita Valley and Paul and his guests want to make the valley the place for arts in California.

“The enthusiasm and energy is there,” said Boydston. “I had the pleasure of serving on the arts for all panel through the SaugusUnionSchool District and there effort is put the arts in every classroom and a bit of each discipline of each art in to each classroom. Visual arts and performing arts so there’s dance, there’s music and all of these things that they want to expose the students to because a number of years ago we lost that to funding cuts.”

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