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Families In Action - September 9, 2013

Hosts:  Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action

Guests: Michael Dougherty, Mary Chester  

Topic: Going back to school, Social Media

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Listen in on Families in Action on Mondays at 12PM with Cary Quashen to gain helpful advice on how to deal with troubled teenagers and adolescents.

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Families in Action: September 9, 2013

Welcome to Families In Action on your Hometown Station, AM 1220 KHTS.  Bob Shartis is out of town today so we have Michael Dougherty here to fill his seat.  Today we have Mary Chester from Child Services as our guest.  

Cary starts out the show talking about Social Media, or the “uninvited house guest”.  Kids these days spend between 2 to 10 minutes talking to their parents, then it’s back to the internet talking to their friends.

Today every 9 seconds, a child will drop out of school never to return, but not in Santa Clarita.  This city has made great strides in keeping kids in school and keeping them engaged.  When Parents stay involved in their kids lives, they are more likely to stay in school and interact with the right kind of people, and stay away from the wrong kind of groups.  

It is easier now as a parent to get involved in a child's education than ever before.  Now a parent can call the district and set up an online portal where they can log in, and view what their child's grade is in classes and what their attendance is in school.  There is no reason a parent should not be involved in their child’s education.  

Social media provides a place where teens face adult problems and adult situation, and a lot of it happens at 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the morning.  Parents need to monitor what their children are doing online and how long there are on the computer.  

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Listen to all of Families in Action’s podcast’s here!

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Families In Action - September 9, 2013

Article: Families In Action - September 9, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings