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Families In Action - September 23, 2013

Hosts:  Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action

Guests: Michael Dougherty, Sammy Edwards, Mindy McKeddie

Topic: Dealing with Kids and Adults with addiction

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Listen in onFamilies in Action on Mondays at 12PM with Cary Quashen to gain helpful advice on how to deal with troubled teenagers and adolescents.

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Families in Action: September 23, 2013

Welcome to Families in Action, Bob Shartis is still on vacation and filling in for him is Michael Dougherty.  

This week’s guest Mindy McKeddie talks about her story on how she got addicted to opiates and her path to recovery.   Opiates start as the best solution to all of lifes problems.  Getting high feels like it solves everything, but as soon as you come down, you are back facing the same problems and even more.  Eventually Mindy found Action. Mindy describes the sickness she felt coming down from drugs as feeling pain all the way down to the ends of your hair.     

Sammy came from a house full of addicts  It was around the age of 6 when he became an addict.  At the age of 11, Sammy was addicted to crack cocain.  He went in and out of jail until 2008, Sammy found a way out.  

    There is often a difference treating kids and adults.  There are a whole lot less adolescents who are in a state of misery and still using.  Adults will use whatever they have at hand, still getting high, even if they don’t want too. People will look at children and say, “they are only 16, they can’t be an addict”, and that is not true.  

Often a family will bring their child into Action and basically say “Fix my kid”.  Parents need to understand that families need to be a part of this.  Families need to intervene immediately.  Statistics say that the earlier you intervene the better.  


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Listen to all of Families in Action’s podcast’s here!

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Families In Action - September 23, 2013

Article: Families In Action - September 23, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings