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Families in Action - September 16, 2013

Hosts:  Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action

Guests: Michael Dougherty, Deputy Josh Dubin

Topic: Social Media

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Listen in on Families in Action on Mondays at 12PM with Cary Quashen to gain helpful advice on how to deal with troubled teenagers and adolescents.

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Families in Action: September 16, 2013


Welcome to Families in Action with your Host Cary Quashen on your Hometown Station AM 1220 KHTS.  This week, Bob is on vacation so filling in as co-host is Michael Dougherty.  Deputy Josh Dubin joins the show to talk about the Heroin Kills event that happened recently.  There was a great turnout and we even rushed people straight from the event to treatment.  

So your kid gets home from school and there are a few basic questions that you ask your kids; How was your day, Did you do your homework, what do you want for diner,  and that’s about it.  There needs to be more communication in the house.  Today, parents are not there to greet their child when they come home, instead they have the internet is there to greet them.  There is less structure in the home now.

Today we have a virtual peer pressure.  kids will go online and see pictures of drugs, pictures of kids drinking and other pictures of inappropriate nature.  Now kids see these things and think it is normal.  

The other day Deputy Dubin was giving a station tour.  I don’t think 17 year olds understand the importance of a facebook post or a twitter post.  whatever you post stays on the internet, and that is what i tell these kids all the time.  what happens if later you want to work as a cop or a nurse.  These things are going to haunt you, and there are some adults that are not getting hired for these things.  

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Families in Action - September 16, 2013

Article: Families in Action - September 16, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings