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Families In Action - November 18, 2013

Hosts:  Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action

Guests: Carl and Jeri Goldman, Joe Messina, Dell Schilleci

Topic: Tenth Anniversary Show

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Listen in on Families in Action on Mondays at 12PM with Cary Quashen to gain helpful advice on how to deal with troubled teenagers and adolescents.

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Families in Action: November 18, 2013

A celebration of ten years on the air. And how Families in Action has positively influenced the community through alcohol and drug awareness. There are waves of different drugs that have appeared such as opiates, heroin, marijuana. Most people that receive help from families in action are addicted to prescription opiates. They have gotten people talking about drug awareness. Heroin has become a designer drug instead of a junkie drug like it was in the 1970's.

When the show first began, there was a huge debate as to what Families in Action was going to be about. This show is really about loving one another. Families in Action has created a personal connection with its listeners. There are many supporters of Action within the community creating a sense of love and care for addicts. It is important to adopt a non-judgemental attitude. Addicts are typically starting to use drugs between the ages of 16 to 18. Hard drugs do a lot of behavioral and can cause psychotic breakdowns.

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Listen to all of Families in Action’s podcast’s here!

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Families In Action - November 18, 2013

Article: Families In Action - November 18, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings