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The Don and Gino Show - March 7, 2013

Finance Hour
Topic: FINRA Financial Warning - Why protecting your portfolio safely could cost you thousands with Chris Ingram of Infinity Wealth Management.

Real Estate Hour
Topics: Robert Ortega with Sunrise Dream Realty Shares the truth about advertising and why it doesn’t work for selling your home.

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Airing Thursday at Noon, The Don And Gino Real Estate And Finance Show is your place to have fun learning about real estate and finance. Your hosts Don Goettling and Gino Fronti will go over solutions to your challenges and provide unique opportunities you can't afford to miss.

Here is an excerpt from today’s show:

“Will Obamacare really have an impact on Corporations?
No, because the economy has been on the rise, the housing market has been on the rise.  The Dow is on the rise, but who is threatening us with a nuclear attack? Well, we promised we would tell you, and yes! It is North Korea! Anything can affect the market. We have Chris Ingram here with Infinity Wealth Management. Can you tell us any other reasons why the market is acting like a yo-yo?

“What Gino is talking about is Q & E. Quantitative Easing. All bonds are subject to risk right now. People think they won’t lose money because bonds are referred to as “fixed money”, but when your bond funds don't mature for ten years or more, and interest rates rise 1%, your “safe” investment can rise 10%. Investors don’t know how this will affect their portfolio, Robert Ortega with Sunrise Dream Realty is here now, giving us words of wisdom. People don’t care about what you know, until they know you care. Now, we're not saying you should sell all your bonds right now, just to make clear, but a rise in interest rates will cost you. Your professional must have the right brokerage  behind them. Sunrise Dream reality is the right team, they raise the bar, and we are proud to know you.Next, we are going to share some of the hottest listings with you. Bob Hoss has a house under 300,000! call 705 3202. Ortega says the truth about advertising is that it doesn’t work! Having an open house will sell your home? Not true. These things are just myths!”

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