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The Don and Gino Show - April 4, 2013

Hosts: Don Goettling and Gino Fronti

Finance Hour

Guest:Jerry Citarella with Infinity Wealth Management.

Topic: Why following the masses can hurt your investments and investment advice straight from Jerry’s book, “The Truth Helps”

Real Estate Hour

Guest: Arlen Panel Celebrity Realtor

Topic: What’s happening on the west side in real estate.

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Airing Thursday at Noon, The Don And Gino Real Estate And Finance Show is your place to have fun learning about real estate and finance. Your hosts Don Goettling and Gino Fronti will go over solutions to your challenges and provide unique opportunities you can't afford to miss.

The Don and Gino Show - April 4, 2013

Here is an exerpt from today's show:

Well, it is our two year anniversary today. I know, its amazing to think that long ago was when Jeri had to take a chance with us, haha, and see how things work out. And now let’s get right into this. We have Jerry Citarella with Infinity Wealth Management sitting with us and Daniel Hunt (loan officer extraordinaire) from Cherry Creek Mortgage today. They are here to share with us some of the tips and knowledge that has made success apart of their lives. Now this section of our finance hour may shock you: the media embellishes everything, and you cannot trust a blanket statement for the nation, when it comes to your personal finances. Proceed with caution. The higher the markets get, the harder they can drop.

As we were saying, the media is just not accurate. First of all, they are late to the party. The news they report may not even affect you or your community, and that is what we strive to change here with Cherry Creek and RERN. We give you the necessary info you need to know, in order to make smart decisions - centered around achieving and maintaining the dream of homeownership. So now we have Arlin Pantel with Celebrity Realty. His track record is star quality, getting people in the homes of their dreams all over Southern California. Arlin is famous for saying, “Anyone can open an escrow, but it takes a star to close it”.

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