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Around The Barn - March 30, 2013

Around the Barn – March 30, 2013

Host: Nancy Pitchford Zhe  Co-Host Bobbi Jean Bell with Andrew Delgado on the board

Guest: Sue Eisesso, Rancho Camulos Museum, Rick Crowder, Sourdough Slim

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Airing Saturday at 9:00 a.m., Around the Barn with Heads Up is brought to you by Heads Up Therapy on Horseback, Out West in Old Town Newhall and Fox Feed. Saturday’s are always a good day to shop at Fox Feed because there are free donuts on the counter.  

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On today’s show Nancy talked about charity horse show. The 23rd Will Shatner Hollywood Charity horse show. This year Heads Up Therapy will be one of the recipients of the charities that will be giving a donation.

“We are so excited to be on this year’s list,” Nancy said. “It is really a great show every year.”

Co-host Bobbi Jean Bell called in and discussed a concert that Outwest will hold on Saturday Night of March 30.

Nancy’s guest on Around the Barn is Sue Eisesso, from Rancho Camulos Museum. Nancy talked with Sue about what events and what the public can expect from Rancho Camulos.

Nancy also had another guest call in, Sourdough Slim, singer and one of the last vaudeville cowboys left.

Yodeling is a great art form, Sue said. I learned how to yodel from a Swiss song. The tempo goes from slow to fast and the song really helped me out with that.

Sourdough Slim started as a child as most of the people with the talent to sing especially in this style do and it comes natural to you, Nancy said.

Nancy discussed Slim’s new album which debuted March 29.

“It is just one man’s opinion but it is a fabulous album,” Slim said.

Sue talked with Nancy on the upcoming concert a part of the Cowboy Festival. Sourdough Slim will be featured at the concert at Rancho Camulos on April 19.

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