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Aging With Power - March 26, 2013

Host: Myles McNamara!

Topic: Mental Illness

Guest: Barbara B. Wilson from “Mental Health Hookup,” and Dr. Roger De Sesa of De Sesa Chiropractic.

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Airing Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.,Aging With Power is a discussion of all things that get you from conception to funeral reception, with host Myles McNamara!

Aging With Power - March 26, 2013

Myles McNamara wanted to talk about mental health issues. Myles made it clear that he is not an expert when it comes to mental illness so he brought on some help.

Barbara B. Wilson came on the show with Myles today to talk about mental illness and mental health issues.

Barbara is an LCSW at Mental Health Hookup, “Your Personal Mental Health Concierge.” Barbara has worked as a psychiatric social worker since 1966 and came out of retirement to be a part of Mental Health Hookup.

Barbara said there are some very important things to take care of for family members with mental illness:

  • Estate planning

  • Having a neutral person taking care of the estate planning

  • Care for the caregivers

  • Placement for family members: whether to do it or not

Dr. Roger De Sesa of De Sesa Chiropractic also stopped by the show.  He looks for natural solutions to common mental health problems.

Dr. De Sesa wanted to emphasize making sure the caregivers are taken care of because that has to be stressful. He says there are a few things he says can help with this.

  • Eating right - Fast and processed food won’t help you have a clear mind and could increase stress levels.

  • Moving right - Exercise is proven to lower stress levels.

  • Thinking right - PMA positive mental attitude, there are some things that we can control and things that you can’t. Try to focus on the good in the world.

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