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Our Hometown Stories

    Our Hometown Stories - Micaela Bensko: Iraq Star

    khts_hometownstories4By Rachel Singer

    Beauty is only skin deep-

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-

    These are great platitudes if you are having a "bad hair day" or if you wake up with a blemish on your face.

    If you are a wounded warrior returning from the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan with disfiguring physical injuries, you realize that your entire emotional and physical well-being are irrevocably tied together

    Our Hometown Stories: Six Flags Magic Mountain: Park of Dreams

    khts_hometownstories2Where do you live?

    Santa Clarita.


    You know, Six Flags Magic Mountain.

    Oh, of course.

    When I finish this exchange and see the dawning comprehension, it makes me proud that us "Claritans" have a claim to fame.


    Our Hometown Stories: Harry Ingold: Nine Lives

    khts_hometownstories2Last year when it was my turn to make the selection for our book club to read and discuss, I was in a quandary.  The pressure was on.


    Our Hometown Stories: Barbara S. Cochran: English Rose

    khts_hometownstories2By Rachel Singer

    In September 2008, my girlfriend Belinda and I traveled for a week through England on a "Tudor Tour." We are Anglophiles who love everything English, from the countryside to the history. It is no secret that we are certain in a previous life we walked the dark palace hallways with Henry VIII, his legions of admirers and of course his doomed wives....

    Our Hometown Stories - Rodney Bayne: Going Horizontal


    By Rachel Singer

    "My goal is to deny yours"

    If you do not play or follow soccer, you may have to sit and ponder that quote for a moment...

    If you are a goalkeeper on the soccer field, it makes perfect sense.  If you are a 71-year-old goalkeeper, it is your mantra!


    Our Hometown Stories - Hobart Ellis: Semper Fidelis


    By Rachel Singer

    Sometimes by a stroke of luck your stars line up and you meet someone who leaves an indelible mark on your life.  On Armed Forces Day 2009, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to such a man and I was grateful to sit down and listen to his story.


    Our Hometown Stories: T.Katz: Telling Tales And Making Music

    khts_hometownstories4By Rachel Singer

    I may require an Intervention.

    I have an interferes with the running of my household, taking care of my kids and being a doting wife.

    My name is Rachel and I am a "Bookaholic"


    Our Hometown Stories: "Sweet Lord"

    “Bayne, if that’s how you are going to run, then go to the beach and run with your grandmother!”  Twenty-seven years ago those were the words that haunted my dreams. 

    Our Hometown Stories: Mark Thompson Is A Big Talker

    By Rachel Singer

    I spend a lot of time in my car and love to listen to music and talk on the radio.  Invariably, as the Santa Clarita Valley recedes in my rearview mirror, static ensues and the KHTS AM-1220 signal fades.  I change the station,  tune into "The Mark and Brian Show" on 95.5 KLOS and begin laughing out loud.


    Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps have been igniting the airwaves in Los Angeles for over 20 years.   Their edgy, hilarious and sometimes controversial banter has attracted listeners by the millions.