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Vibrant Living By Vayu Yoga - Aug 12, 2014

Hosts: Wendy Hassenpflug and Shannon Levy-heath

Guest: Janice Murray

Topic: Pilates and Yoga

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Tune in twice a month on Tuesdays to the Vibrant Living by Vayu Yoga Show. Learn how yoga can transform the way you view yourself and the world around you.

Host of Vibrant Living by Vayu Yoga, Wendy Hassenpflug has on Janice Murray on todays show with her co-host Shannon Levy-heath. Wendy begins todays show defining the difference between Pilates and Yoga. She also touches on the similarities between yoga and Pilates. Many of the exercises you'll see in a Pilates workout are inspired by yoga, and the postures in yoga are incredibly similar to the shapes and positions used in Pilates exercises. At the same time, there are exercises that are completely unique to Pilates as well as those that are specific to yoga class alone. A major difference is that in yoga, one generally holds each pose for a longer period of time, while in Pilates, you move at a slightly faster pace. Rather than holding a pose longer the way you would in a typical yoga class, staying in one position and cajoling the body into stretching more deeply through the breath, in Pilates, the practitioner dynamically extends as far as possible within a limited amount of time using resistance, core awareness and breath. Wendy wraps up today’s show talking about some of the exercises that she teaches at her studio, Vayu Yoga in Newhall of 8th street and Main st.

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Vibrant Living By Vayu Yoga - Aug 12, 2014

Article: Vibrant Living By Vayu Yoga - Aug 12, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Mark Urbina