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Scott Wilk Weekly Update - February 12, 2014

Every Wednesday at 5:10 p.m. Assemblyman Scott Wilk, 38th Assembly District will keep us up to date on all latest news in Sacramento and how it impacts our Santa Clarita Valley.

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Wilk Weekly Update - February 12, 2014

Simi V Cards

  • The Wilk family dog, Simi V, has a bone to pick with Sutter Brown
  • Sutter Brown advocates for the Governor’s agenda and policies so we decided to share our side of the story through playful customized playing cards that have different facts and phrases on them as a rebuke to Sutter’s playing cards that were distributed during the state of the state
  • Simi V submitted an op-ed that was published in yesterday’s Flash Report
  • Follow Simi V on and on

KHTS Sacramento Trip

  • Over 90 people have already signed up
  • Last year we had John Chiang as the Keynote Speaker and this year’s speaker is Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez.
  • Policy seminars were led be issue area experts and legislators
    • Topics last year were: Education, higher education, CEQA reform, enterprise zones, realignment, budget, health,  high speed rail, and transportation
    • This year’s topics: education, higher education, film tax credit, ACA/health care, budget, water bond, chloride, workers comp, high speed rail, economic development/housing, prop 13

Wilk 2014 Bill Package Update

AB 1680

  • Current law requires anyone in the entertainment industry working with minors to obtain a Child Performer Services (CPS) Permit. The permit process includes a background check to ensure the safety of the children that the applicant wishes to work with. The Labor Commission maintains a searchable database of all CPS Permit holders in order for parents to certify the validity of an advertised service provider who may wish to work with their child.
  • However, many parents still face issues with verifying legitimate job postings. This can lead to unscreened individuals getting their hands on sensitive information about minors such as headshots, measurements, and contact information. Today, a majority of casting calls are done through websites that allow anyone to post supposed jobs.

This bill adds a layer of protection for child actors by setting valid CPS Permit holders apart from potentially dangerous, unlicensed impostors.

  • Requires anyone already required under law to obtain a Child Performer Services Permit to display his or her Permit number on any casting advertisements.
  • Requires casting websites to verify that any applicable person has a valid Child Performer Services Permit before allowing him or her to post any casting advertisements.

Reforming the Bagley-Keene Act

  • Legislative bodies frequently divide themselves into standing committees, allowing a subset of Members with fixed subject matter expertise to meet and discuss issues in depth before they are brought before the whole body. 
  • All standing committees of a local government entity or of the Legislature are required to hold open meetings.  This is the case regardless of whether the standing committee takes action (such as a bill-hearing policy committee), or merely investigates an issue in depth to advise the whole body (such as a select committee).
  • Legislative intent has always been clear that all standing committees of state boards and commissions should be subject to open meeting requirements. 
  • This bill will close the perceived loophole, and ensure that standing committees of state agencies are held to the same open meeting standards that apply for the Legislature and local governments.
  • The Government Code contains two parallel open meeting statutes—the Brown Act, which applies to local governments, and the Bagley-Keene Act, which applies to state government.  These statutes have evolved in tandem, though the language is not always identical. 
  • This bill conforms the definitions in the Bagley-Keene Act to the Brown Act, making the conforming change the Legislature neglected to make in 1993, when it amended the Brown Act.  This will make it unambiguous that all standing committees are subject to open meetings.

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Scott Wilk Weekly Update - February 12, 2014

Article: Scott Wilk Weekly Update - February 12, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings