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Thomas Rhett Country Music Star On Nashville Music Minute - KHTS

Thomas RhettThe Nashville Music Minute offers your listeners an instant backstage pass to the Music City’s latest buzz, news and stories that not only come from Nashville, but directly from the stars themselves. 

This week features: Thomas Rhett

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From 9-2-2014

Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts says the best – and worst – prank they ever pulled was on Darius Rucker when he was opening on one of their tours. While he was out singing, they had a bunch of farm animals put into his dressing room. Chickens, goats, etc. However, while he was doing his encore, the goats proceeded to eat up all the furniture in the dressing room. The guys had to write a $15,000 check to cover the damages. Most expensive prank, ever.

A while back a fan asked Josh Thompson to sing to her personally. She was gonna miss his show because she just had her appendix out. So... Josh did exactly that. He filmed a special message for the fan and sang a version of his single ‘Wanted Me Gone,’ from the perspective of the fan’s appendix. And Thomas Rhett talks about what kind of student he was in college before he left to become the superstar we all know him as...

Thomas Rhett Country Music Star On Nashville Music Minute - KHTS

Article: Thomas Rhett Country Music Star On Nashville Music Minute - KHTS
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings