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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - June 9, 2014

Hosts: Alex Urbina and  Wendy Amara

Topic: Relationships and arguing

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Airing Mondays at 1 PM Life Leadership with Alex Urbina. Alex will you help you consider new possibilities that you couldn't see before.

Life Leadership with Alex Urbina - June 09, 2014

On today’s show Host Alex Urbina and co-host Wendy Amara sit down and discuss relationships. JUst just relationships but focus on the argument of arguing. How does arguing hurt and also help a relationship.

Why do we argue?

Sometimes we don’t think or realize the part we are playing in the argument. Alex said. It takes two to argue.

If you are in an argue you have to know where you are positioned, for example if you are immovable you automatically defend yourself and are defensive. Another possibility is arguing for your right way and the third is convincing others to see it your way.

I think almost all argument happens in reaction mode, Wendy said. You have a clear goal in mind when you argue and that should transform into a conversation rather than argument.

What if we can get to a place where I can say I do not agree on your point and be okay with that and not to the place where we pass judgement and only one way thinking.

Arguing can really affect your life, Wendy said. Agree to disagree doesn’t always work and that is when compromise comes in.

Find some common ground, find something to move forward and stop running in circles.

Compromise is the dance that happens and is the glue that keeps all relationships together and propel that relationship to a better and stronger place.

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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - June 9, 2014

Article: Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - June 9, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings