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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - June 30, 2014

Hosts: Alex Urbina and  Amber Raskin

Topic: Teaching today’s youth about morality

Guests: Amber Raskin, SCVi Charter School

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Airing Mondays at 1 PM Life Leadership with Alex Urbina. Alex will you help you consider new possibilities that you couldn't see before.


Life Leadership with Alex Urbina - June 30, 2014


On today’s show Host Alex Urbina and special co-host Amber Raskin, Director of SCVi Charter School, sit down and discuss today’s youth and about morals and teaching the youth great morals and being a great person.


It is my belief that morals and values seem to be a lost art, Alex said. Some of my traditions that were taught to my parents and grandparents are slowly dying down, or it seems that way.


Coming from a parent standpoint when kids get to that age when they want to “flap their wings” and be their own person parents more often than not resist and that is when I asked the parents if they are standing in the way of their child blossoming.


I always wondering about values and morals being watered down, Amber said. I do not know if it is or isn’t but I also have had the experience from being a manager to a coach. People change and generations change but what does it look like and what does it mean?


They might not be taught the same way or they might just look different than history would have us believe, Amber said.


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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - June 30, 2014

Article: Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - June 30, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings