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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - April 7, 2014

Hosts: Alex Urbina and  Wendy Amara

Topic: Talking about the relationship workshop over the weekend

Guests: MIchelle Hernandez, Phil Hernandez and Carl Goldman

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Airing Mondays at 1 PM Life Leadership with Alex Urbina. Alex will you help you consider new possibilities that you couldn't see before.


Life Leadership with Alex Urbina - April 07, 2014


On today’s show host Alex Urbina sits down with guests that took part of his relationship workshop/couple counselling over the weekend.


I wanted to have this workshop and help those couples out there that may have drifted apart or just bring their relationship to the next level.


Michelle Hernandez had difficulties getting her husband to go to the workshop and go full in. We thought we were fine but were kind of drifting apart and when I saw the flyer for the workshop I knew we had to go.


Phil Hernandez opened up at the workshop and had an eye opening experience and built his relationship to a further and better place.


Being a male society tells us not to cry and show emotions but being able to do so and having done so at the workshop, I feel better and so does my relationship, Phil said.


For more information about the relationship workshop and life leadership, listen to the podcast below!


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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - April 7, 2014

Article: Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - April 7, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings