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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - April 28, 2014

Hosts: Alex Urbina and  Wendy Amara

Topic: Coaching, Life leadership

Guests: LaShawn Norton

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Airing Mondays at 1 PM Life Leadership with Alex Urbina. Alex will you help you consider new possibilities that you couldn't see before.


Life Leadership with Alex Urbina - April 28, 2014


Host Alex Urbina and co-host Wendy Amara sit down with guest, LaShawn Norton, and talk about coaching and life leadership. About what coaching is and how it is different from therapy.


Coaching is a new term, and is different from therapy. Many think therapy as going to someone to get help, however coaching is a little different.


Coaching is focused on results, we are focus on you hitting goals and less time looking at the past but forward looking. We push people forward.


In therapy many of the patients are delicate and in coaching there are breakthroughs and it isn’t always nurturing.


LaShawn Norton came to the show today to talk with Alex and Wendy about coaching and getting some live coaching on-air.


Norton has been working as a consultant and has fell into less and less human interaction due to social media and technology.


What is your purpose?


When I ask that to people, they usually say something to the effect that they offer something or want to offer something to help improve the world.


You can create your own business and offer your own gift to the world. First you must look within and accept that you are the gift and let the world know the real you and provide your gift to others in whatever way you see fit.


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Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - April 28, 2014

Article: Life Leadership With Alex Urbina - April 28, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings