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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour - May 2, 2014

Hosts: Doug Sutton and Hans AKA Mr. Football
Guests from SCV Gazette:  Miss Gazette, Kyle Jellings, Perry Smith, Hans AKA Mr. Sports

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The Gazette Radio Hour- Friday, May 2, 2014


On the latest most daring, and ultimately benevolent addition of the the Santa Clarita Gazette and Free Classified’s radio program - colloquially known as the Gazette Radio Hour, Doug Sutton (owner of the publication) failed to show up to the studio. In Doug’s absence, co-host and world renowned legal counsel and attorney John Rogers was forced to make a decision. Live radio will undoubtedly encounter live accidents and mishaps, which need to be swiftly eradicated and/or solved with a keen regard to efficiency and sports comedy. The latter being the most successful tactic the Gazette Radio guys have up their sleeve, so John Rogers called in the only man who could possibly fill Doug Sutton’s shoes, while simultaneously soothing the airwaves with delicious vocal cords. That man is the one and only, Hans AKA Mr. Sports. Hans is a university student quickly approaching graduation, and with radio career prospects on the job horizon, he is always eager and optimistically filled with the vigor of life. That being said, John Rogers chose to focus this new edition of the Gazette Radio Hour mostly on sports, due to the recently leaked recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling speaking explicitly telling his girlfriend not to bring any black people to his basketball games. This news is severely devastating to the National Basketball Association, and in particular to  the fans of basketball all over the globe. The organization was quick to bar Sterling from any future relations with the LA Clippers, but that alone is a bittersweet resolution. Basketball fans hate that their love, their passion, and their sport has been tarnished with bigoted and racist remarks coming from someone in a position of responsibility and ownership. So Kyle Jellings, Perry Smith, John Rogers and Hans AKA Mr. Sports dove right into the action and dissected sports history live on air.  


The Gazette Radio Hour Airs every Friday from 1pm-2pm on your Hometown Station AM 1220 KHTS


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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour - May 2, 2014

Article: Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour - May 2, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings