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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour - December 20, 2013

Hosts: Doug Sutton and John Rogers
Guests from SCV Gazette:  Axel, Miss Entertainment AKA Michelle, Miss Classifieds AKA Barbara, Mr. Football AKA Hans, and Mr. Sports AKA Tim Haddock


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The Gazette Radio Hour- Friday, December 20, 2013


John Rogers had planned a very special Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour this latest Friday. In fact, John had cunningly organized a slightly dastardly, a little evil plot against his co host Doug Sutton. They decided to run their show differently as well on their latest segment. Doug swallowed his pride, at the suggestion of John, and cancelled his Rant segment. Doug asked John why they decided against ranting, one of Doug’s favorite pastimes. John simply replied with a sly grin, and creepily said that he brought a Christmas present for Doug - for all his hard work with the Santa Clarita Valley Gazette and Free Classifieds. Doug Sutton quickly reverted back to the childlike wonder of a wide eyed young boy, anxiously in suspense over Santa’s delivery. Unfortunately, John Rogers’ idea of a Christmas present was a staunch libertarian debater who came into the studio to wring out Doug’s mind and settle the score over several hot political topics. Everything from the Affordable Care Act, to the epic history of United States Presidents taking changing the constitution, even the benefits for, and arguments against Paul Ryan, and so much more. This libertarian, who actually identified himself as a constitutional libertarian, ended up (surprisingly enough) agreeing with Doug Sutton on a few too many issues they were expecting to fight over. As it turns out, they seem to be on two different sides of the political table, fighting for, and not over or against, the same things. They both feel as though their rights are being changed, laws being manipulated and the future of their children are becoming more bleak - and simply have different ways of how they would revert these changes. After the debates, they cooled down with some talk over football with Hans and Tim Haddock.


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Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour - December 20, 2013

Article: Santa Clarita Gazette Radio Hour - December 20, 2013
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings