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Families In Action - February 3, 2014

Hosts:Cary Quashen and Bob Sharits of Action

Topic: Death To Overdose

Guests: Craig Westover

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Listen in on Families in Action on Mondays at 12PM with Cary Quashen to gain helpful advice on how to deal with troubled teenagers and adolescents.

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Families in Action: 2/3/14

On todays show Cary and Bob bring on Gary Westover one of the employees at Action. They start todays show talking about deaths due to overdose. Cary brings up the fact that it takes a national figure to die to bring awareness to the fact that drug overdose is a problem in America. Cary talks about how deaths in the community dont always make the headlines or reach the news, but it happens almost everyday. Cary stresses his frustration with these issues and wants to keep you aware of these issues so you can help prevent these problems in the community. Bob brings up the fact that these issues are happening to kids and they keep getting younger and younger. The guys talk about how there are plenty of success stories out there also. They talk about the community ready to help anyone that needs assistance with drugs or alcohol. They also talk about how they don't know one person that don't have a problem with drugs and alcohol or that that person doesn't know someone with those problems.

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Listen to all of Families in Action’s podcast’s here!

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Families In Action - February 3, 2014

Article: Families In Action - February 3, 2014
Source: Santa Clarita Podcasts
Author: Kyle Jellings