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Website will help students connect with workers, employers,
other opportunities.

Sponsored By:

SCVi Charter School

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell
today announced the creation of an innovative and new Web resource called “California
Direct Connect – Links to Your Future.” The Web pages are designed to help
students and workers find jobs, explore careers, investigate opportunities to
continue their education, and access resources to overcome barriers for success
in the workplace.


these dire economic times, many Californians need help locating job
opportunities as well as finding solutions to issues that prevent them from
becoming fully employed,” said O’Connell. “My staff has been inundated with
desperate calls from unemployed and underemployed people who want to know how
to increase their education to improve their chances of obtaining better jobs
or careers, and to provide a more stable life for their families. California Direct
Connect is a new Web resource designed to help all Californians, regardless of
their education, their employability status, or other issues preventing them
from taking control of their lives.”


California Direct Connect Web pages reside on the California Department of
Education (CDE) Web site. CDE staff researched hundreds of governmental Web
sites with vital but hard-to-find information on education, jobs and careers,
and assistance on overcoming barriers to employment. Staff then compiled the
most helpful links and arranged them as a single source to provide visitors
with answers to various scenarios.


For example, under the “Finding a Job” section, visitors can
personalize their search among links ranging from “I want to find a better
job,” to “I just lost my job, how do I file for unemployment insurance?” They
can access tips to make their résumés stand out, how to prepare for job
interviews, locate ‘green jobs,’ or upgrade their skills.


Under the “Exploring Career Opportunities,” visitors can
find answers on topics ranging from “I want to go to college or a university in
California” to “I am an adult and
I cannot read – who can help me?” There are sites that can lead to grants or
scholarships for college, locations to take the GED® test for a California High
School Equivalency Certificate and a school directory on where to learn


Under the “Overcoming Barriers to Work,” visitors can find
answers to situations such as “I am losing my home, what can I do?” or “I just
had a baby and don’t know what to do.” The portal can guide users to
information that will help them find transportation to work, food programs, child
care, citizenship, disability assistance, employment for veterans, and programs
to help former prisoners transition back into society.


For more information, please visit California Direct Connect