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Runner Reacts To Five-Day Delay In Tax Freedom Day

George_RunnerBoard of Equalization Member George Runner today responded to an announcement by the Tax Foundation that California won't reach Tax Freedom Day until April 20th this year, a full five days later than last year and three days later than the average state.

“Californians will have to work for 111 days this year before they are allowed to earn a single penny for themselves or their families. That’s shameful,” Runner said.

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Tax Freedom Day, calculated annually by the Tax Foundation, is the day Americans have earned enough money to pay their annual tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels. The Tax Foundation also calculates a Tax Freedom Day for each state. As a result of Californians' high tax burden, Tax Freedom Day in California is the 11th latest in the nation.

“Californians are overtaxed," added Runner. "We don’t need higher taxes, as the governor is suggesting. What California needs is a lower unemployment rate. People need jobs. And once people get jobs they shouldn’t have to spend almost 4 months each year working just to pay taxes to the government.”

More information about Tax Freedom Day is available at