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Shattered Windows Left After Vandalism Spree On Soledad Canyon Road

khts_crimeCanyon Country was the location for a random shooting spree overnight Thursday.

Lt. Joe Efflandt said that between the hours of 10 p.m. Thursday and 3 a.m. Friday morning, deputies have responded to or received reports of at least 15 windows broken because of projectiles apparently fired from Soledad Canyon Road.

“It looks like someone was driving along and shooting randomly,” he said.

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The damage appears to begin at Reuther Avenue and continues to Sand Canyon Road. Deputies discovered the damage as burglar alarms started going off when the windows were shattered. After the first few, a pattern began to emerge, but no suspects were spotted.

Efflandt said that those business owners without alarms reported damages this morning when they arrived and found windows shattered.

He added that it doesn’t look like any specific business was targeted.

Initially deputies thought the vandals used BB guns, but Efflandt said that in some instances, it might have been marbles shot from paintball guns.

“This is felony vandalism, with quite a bit of damage, in the tens of thousands,” he said. “Each window runs between $500 to $1,000 and we’ve got at least 15 of them.”

It is not known if the suspects are juveniles or adults, but the felony remains the same, with restitution expected when suspects are convicted.

“If it’s juveniles, the parents will be responsible,” Efflandt said. “That will put a dent in their first year of college.”