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Lou Esbin - The Debt Doctor

Lou Esbin - The Debt Doctor

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Talks About The Difference Between State And Federal Bankruptcy Systems

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" On Seniors and Bankruptcy

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Goes Into Detail On the Difference between chapter 11&13 in Business

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Talks About The Clients He Represents

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Discusses The Difference between chapter 11&7 in Busniess

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" On Health problems and bankruptcy

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Gives His Opinion On Student Loans

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Explains Banktruptcy In A Nutshell

Lou Esbin "The Debt Doctor" Talks About Automatic Stay

Lou Esbin's sitdown with Carl Goldman on March 16, 2012

Bankruptcy 101

Big Banks and Little Banks

Commercial vs. Residential Loans

Don't Hold Off

Filing a Chapter 7

Filing an Individual Chapter 11

Filing a Corporate Chapter 11

Filing a Chapter 13

Have Fun With Collectors

Impacted by the Economy

Individualistic Counseling

Lien Stripping

Struggling with Financial Institutions

Take Control; Not Abuse

The Means Test

We Are Not Alone

What's Important


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