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No Excuses, Now You Have a Phone App That'll Help Schools Raise Money

edroverWhen it comes to raising money for schools conveniently, there’s an app for that. A great education is the most important part of a child’s life. Budget cuts have threatened that and something needs to be done.  If you can’t stand the thought of another fund-raiser, there is a solution .

Supporting schools could now be effortless with the mobile application edRover which allows parents to direct funds to their child’s school whenever they run errands.

Tania Mulry, creator of edRover describes it as, “A mobile phone app that people can download from the app store and use to find local businesses that donate to edRover.  They’ll check in at that business and we’ll take money out of its account to give to that person.  They can then donate that money to their favorite school”


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With the idea that supporting schools is a community effort, Mulry believes edRover delivers reciprocal benefits.

“edRover gives parents a way to raise money for schools alongside their daily routine, and give businesses not only visibility, but favorability as well.  It shows they support the community and its local schools,” Mulry said.

On Wednesday, August 10, edRover will debut at a launch party at the Paseo Club.  This event will let attendees mingle with educational experts as well as learn more about the app.

“We’ll have a lot of people going including myself, board members, and even political leaders.  We’ll go through how the app works and give away door prizes. So it’ll be a fun event,” said Mulry.

If interested, RSVP to

The edRover launch party begins at 5 p.m. at the Paseo Club on 27650 Dickason Drive in Valencia.