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The New Age of Old School Rock

rock_candyNothing beats the feeling of a CD or record; any collector will tell you that.  And although MP3s are better for convenience, they can’t compare to the quality of an analog album.

One of the most popular collectible items is vinyl records, and it’s clear to see why.  The high quality that you get with a record is second to none.  Billy Yergensen, owner of Rock Candy Music and More in Santa Clarita agrees, stating “The number one thing people like about records is the sound quality.  There’s a big difference from vinyl and digitally downloaded music.”  This isn’t the only place where MP3s and records differ though.

When it comes to great artwork, nothing beats the retro look of the vinyl cover art   Billy notices, “People like the retro appeal of records and believe that’s how music should be.  They like the cover art and that it comes with a lyric sheet”   

Some may say that starting a record collection is too expensive, but they’re wrong.
Most record stores sell used records which allow you to add a lot of records to your collection and save money at the same time.  “Most Used CDs and records cost the same or less as a new MP3 album.  People also like the variety of the used albums. They can browse the racks and see if anything peaks their interest.” Billy claims.

Rock Candy Music and More is the premier record store in Santa Clarita.  Their wide selection of new and used records and CDs can’t be found anywhere else in The Santa Clarita Valley.  They also have a full store of memorabilia, jewelry and so much more.  With live bands playing in store, you won’t need to go anywhere else but Rock Candy.  

For more information about their store and events, call 661-263-9800 and check out their website www.rockcandymusicstore.com to shop online.   Step back in time before the digital era and visit Rock Candy Music and More at 28124 Bouquet Canyon Road to get your collection started with the music pros of Santa Clarita.