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Enjoying The Warm Summer Breeze While Keeping The Bugs Out

window_picWith the summer heat teetering on that triple digit line, ventilating your home while protecting it from outside insects is a must.

A window screen allows you to enjoy the breeze and the warmth of the outdoors while protecting your family from unwanted intruders, like mosquitoes and other insects. Window screens need to be looked at like any other household appliance, it can become worn and eventually will need to be replaced. Many of us overlook the importance of a screen and just view it as an accessory to our windows. Screens actually take the brunt of the ever changing weather and act as a shield for our windows. It is important to value the screens just like we value our windows. 

Sticking with just one type of window screen can be a drag, luckily there are a variety of screens to choose from out there today. Depending on the style you like and the needs of your family, the options are virtually limitless for choosing a window screen. If you enjoy having your windows open often, but you don’t want to invite your neighbor’s eyes or curiosity, then tinted screens might be the best option. Unlike curtains or shutters, tinted window screens will only block out the line of vision from outsiders, while allowing you to still view the outside. 

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There are many benefits to having screens for your windows that you might not be aware of. Screens provide a barrier so that potentially harmful mosquitoes and other insects cannot infest your home. Also, screens are very energy efficient because they provide natural light and ventilation for your home all year round, which can significantly lower your energy costs each month.

Window screens should be replaced when obvious signs of wear and tear appear. If you notice any holes, tares or thinning parts of the material, it is probably time to replace your screen. 

For more information on your window screens or if you have any questions, visit Mikes Windows and Doors at 21170 Centre Pointe Pkwy. Ste. 220 Santa Clarita, CA 91350 or call (661) 222-9195

Click here to get the weekly SCV Your Home Inside And Out Newsletter delivered right to your inbox!