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Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows Like Celebrities

natalieBy Maya Goodwin Guidry

How to Determine Your Eyebrow Shape

Ever see the perfect eyebrow on a celebrity and experience frustration when the same brow doesn’t look so flattering on you?  Well we have some helpful tips from Shabana of the Brow Shaping Loft in Valencia.

When it comes to the perfect brows, natural is always best.  A lot of the frustration comes from trying to completely re-shape a brow.  “The idea is not to have a totally new shape, its’ to enhance what’s naturally there” says Shabana.

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If your brows are thick and full, then that is the right look for you.  If your brows are narrow and thin, that is the right look for you.  Work with what you have.  Forcing a shape you’ve seen on a celeb won’t work.  Your brow will stand out in a way that looks fake and unflattering.

Here are some quick steps to determine the shape that’s right

First:  Determine your natural shape….round, soft angled, straight, or high arched.

Second:  Use a thin stick or pencil and line the stick perpendicular to your face at the edge of the outside of your nose. Mark the highest point of your brow where it meets the stick with a brow pencil.  This is the starting point for your brow shape.

Third:  Using the same stick, line the stick from the outer edge of your nose to the outer edge of your eye. Make a dot with your brow pencil where the stick and eyebrow meet. This is where your eyebrow should end.


Fourth:  Align the stick perpendicular to your face and line the stick to the outside of the iris the eye. Mark a spot at the highest point of your eyebrow where the stick lands. This is where the highest point of your arch should tuck into.

Last: Finish by removing and shaping your brows.

The removal process can be tricky so it’s always best to go to a trained technician that specializes in brow shaping.  Elegant Shapes Brow Shaping Loft in Valencia can assist in getting the celebrity look that’s right for you.

Visit them at or call 661-284-2198 for an appointment

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