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McKeon Comments On Continuing Resolution Cuts

newBuckCongressman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon made the following statement Tuesday regarding House passage of the short-term continuing resolution, which passed with a 271-158 vote, and cuts an additional $6 billion in spending.

“As promised, Republicans are making substantive and historic cuts to federal spending.  With the passing of this week’s continuing resolution, Republicans have now made a total of $10 billion dollars in spending reductions over the past two weeks.

“Under this new House Majority, my colleagues and I are making the tough choices necessary to get our fiscal house in order – just as our constituents do in their personal budget planning.  We will continue to press on and fight the battles necessary to reduce the deficit and get our nation’s debt under control.  It is unacceptable for the U.S. to continue borrowing .46 cents of every dollar spent.  Maintaining a tough stance on a smaller budget will further allow businesses to grow and get Americans back to work.

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“No longer will wasteful spending slide through unnoticed. Republicans are taking a hard look at all facets of the government and removing unnecessary spending where it can be found. It is time for Senate Leadership to join us in our fight to improve and protect America’s financial health and realize that superfluous government spending is a way of the past.”

Background on the cuts, courtesy of the Appropriations Committee: Program Cuts / Terminations (25) - $3.488 billion

  • Preserve America: $4.6 million - grant program which promotes “heritage tourism” was not requested by the President.
  • Save America’s Treasures: $14.8 million – originally slated as a two year initiative to commemorate the year 2000 Millennium was not requested by the President.
  • Climate Effects Network: $10.5 million - provides data for forecasting the effects of climate change” was not requested by the President.
  • Greenhouse Gas Cap and Trade Funding: $5 million - was not requested by the President.
  • Local Government Climate Change Grants: $10 million - the Administration has indicated that this program lacks focus and effectiveness, and is too broad to allow fair competition for grants and was not requested by the President.
  • Targeted Airshed Grants: $10 million - funds diesel retrofits and replacements for pollution reduction.  Funding for similar programs is already available and was not requested by the President.
  • Park Service Construction Funding: $25 million - rescinds unobligated balances from completed construction projects.
  • Wildland Fire Suppression: $200 million - funds were carried over from last year, and were not needed or used for last year’s fire suppression efforts. This rescission was included Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • Single Family Housing: $144 million - reduction was requested by the President. These funds for this unsubsidized loan guarantee are no longer necessary due to the authorization of a borrower fee. In addition, this reduction was included in the Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • Customs and Border Protection – Construction: $107 million – rescission of unneeded construction and planning funding was requested by the agency and was part of the Senate Democrats’ recent CR proposal.
  • Emergency Steel Loans: $48 million - rescinds the remaining balances from prior year appropriations for the Emergency Steel, Oil, and Gas Guaranteed Loan Program Account.  Only three loans have been made under this program and no new loans have been made since 2003.  Similar rescissions were requested by the President.
  • Public Telecommunications Facilities and Construction: $19 million – the mandated conversions of public television stations to digital broadcasting and other mandated conversion efforts are now completed and the funds are no longer necessary. Rescission requested by the President.
  • Census: $1.74 billion - census is complete and these balances are no longer needed.
  • Career Pathways Innovation Fund: $125 million – rescission was requested by the President as well as the Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • Community Service Employment for Older Americans: $225 million - originally provided as one-time funds. Was not requested by the President or the Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • State Health Access Grants: $75 million - only 13 states receive funding through this program, and the program was terminated in the President’s budget request.
  • Flu Funding: $276 million - reduces this “no-year” pandemic influenza funding, while continuing approximately $65 million in annual flu funding. Rescission requested by the President and included the Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • “Parklawn” Building Lease: $35 million - reduces funding for the Public Health Service building in Rockville, MD. The reduction was requested by the President and in the Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting: $50 million - terminates the “Fiscal Stabilization Fund” which provides funding increases to public broadcasting stations to offset reduced public donations. The bill also terminates the “Radio Interconnection” project that was completed in 2010. The reduction was requested by the President and in the Senate Democrats’ most recent CR proposal.
  • Internet Technology Funds: $200 million - reduces carry-over funding for information technology and telecommunication activities. The funds in this account do not expire – essentially creating a “slush fund” which totaled over $825 million at the beginning of fiscal year 2011. This reduction was also included in the Senate Democrats’ recent CR proposal.
  • Brownfields Redevelopment: $17.5 million - all activities undertaken by this program are also eligible for funding through the Community Development Block Grant. No funds were requested by the President.
  • Railroad Safety Technology Program: $50 million – no significant grants under this program, and the technology is not yet fully developed. No funds were requested by the President.
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Salaries and Expenses: $1.5 million - reduces 38 unneeded and unfilled House operations positions, and reduces contractor funding within the House of Representatives.
  • Library of Congress - Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission: $0.75 million - this commission is no longer in existence and therefore no funds are necessary.
  • International Fund for Ireland: $17 million - funding was expected to end last year, and the program’s annual report from last year states that they would not be seeking further contributions after 2010. No funds were requested by the President.

Earmark Slush Fund Terminations - $2.567 billion

  • Agriculture: $358 million
  • Commerce/Justice/Science: $724 million
  • Financial Services/General Government: $1.106 billion
  • Interior: $381.4 million