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Design Secrets That Won't Cost You Money

Springtime is a great time to spruce up some of your home decor. I wanted to share a few tips with you to help make your home more cozy and inviting this spring. Remember, I am always here to help!

French inspired living room

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Tuck in your throws - Keep throws under control. Fold them lengthwise, then in half, then tuck them into cushions.

Leather Lasts - The most indestructible fabric for dining chairs is leather or vinyl. Especially if you want white or cream shades.

Use a Real Rug in the Bathroom - Use a rug instead of a bath mat. It was made to withstand a lot more wear than the occasional wet foot.

Pile On the Pillows - One pair of pillows always looks skimpy. Use two pairs, in contrasting patterns, colors, and textures.

Play It Up Big - Small-scale furniture only makes a small bedroom look smaller. Try a high bed and a tall headboard. Your room will grow.

Four lamps are better than two. You need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading.

Photo Credit: Ted Dayton Photography

Tami Smight Interiors, a full-service interior design firm, has been gracing southern California homes with warm, accessible designs since 2004.

As a certified professional interior designer, Tami Smight shares expert design tips, tricks and trends in her column. Check out her articles in our SCV Your Home Inside And out section