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Refresh Your Home With Color

Tami_Smight_HeadshotYou can add a lot of energy to your space by infusing it with accents infused with color. No need to pick up a paint brush for these tips provided by Better Homes and Gardens, they suggest vibrant window treatments, furnishings and accessories to revive your room and liven it with color.

Windowsthat Pop:


See your windows in a whole new light. Window treatments provide a striking swath of color without the use of paint and create a focal point for your room. Experiment with different patterns, color combinations, and treatment styles to find which style works best with your windows.



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Mix it Up

Throw pillows are a simple way to add a splash of color and comfort to any room. Mix and match patterns and solids to create a dynamic contrast. Combining colors that are direct opposites on the color wheel intensifies their impact.

Jazz it Up

colorful_accessoriesDisperse colorful accessories throughout your home for pops of color. Arrange accent pieces in each space to incorporate hues that embolden your space with personality.

Refresh with Vibrant Furnishings

Change a room from blah to bold by adding lively furnishings. Neutral walls serve as a background for vibrant colored chairs. But limit the number of bright furnishings to maximize the color's impact in the space.


Tami Smight Interiors, a full-service interior design firm, has been gracing southern California homes with warm, accessible designs since 2004.

As a certified professional interior designer, Tami Smight shares expert design tips, tricks and trends in her column. Check out her articles in our SCV Your Home Inside And out Section