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What Makes a Professional Paint Job Excellent?

What Makes a Professional Paint Job Excellent?

We know you want quality work from professional painters. We have painted a number of homes like yours in Santa Clarita. We really know what it takes to get painting done right with minimal hassle for you.

We use quality paints – featuring Sherman Williams.

Our crew has over 40 years of experience.

We are thorough in our prep. We vacuum and remove dust and debris from the painting areas. We clean and remove all dirt, grease, and loose paint, and dull all glossy surfaces before painting. We caulk cracks and seams, especially along baseboards and door or window trim. We patch all nail and screw holes and any minor nicks in wall surfaces,

Our lines are straight where colors change, like along ceiling lines, and bull nose corners,
No drips on the carpet, no "holidays", no paint peeling off the walls later.

What makes a professional paint job excellent? Executive Painting and Texture does!

What Do Some People Call Painting?

For more information about Executive Painting.