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Fire Damage Lurks After Knockdown

The images of brush and homes going up in flames are a reminder that houses and land can be taken away in minutes when a wildfire strikes.

Even if your house and property escape the flames, there could be lasting damage from the soot and ash of a wildfire.

During a wildfire the smoke and ash can enter your home through the ventilation system and open windows. The soot and ash can be acidic and damage parts of your home from anything with fabric to outdoor vegetation.

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“There could be a thin film that you can’t see on the furniture or the carpet and drapes,” says SootAndAsh.com owner, George Spitzer. “It can weaken the fabric or harm your carpet or cause things to age a lot quicker and that’s considered damage.”

Homeowners may not be aware of the potential damage, but if there is any it is most likely covered by your home’s fire insurance policy.

If you suspect damage, it isn’t necessary to contact your insurance company. A public adjuster is independent of your insurance company and works on your behalf with your insurance company to file a claim.

Policy holders must be aware that Public adjusters do not directly charge policy holders upfront. The fees public adjusters take come from the collected payment from the insurance company.

For more information about fire insurance visit the Department of Insurance, here.

If policy holders decide to hire a public adjuster they are encouraged to verify the adjuster’s license by calling the License Bureau at 1-800-967-9331.