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Fixing Bad Breath At the Dentist

Bad breath is a touchy issue, one in which people tend to tolerate due to lack of urgency and information.

Bad breath can kill a business sale, sacrifice a promotion or ruin a date. While there are the tried-and-true methods for eliminating bad breath such as breath mints and chewing gum, they will never offer any long-term relief.

Luckily, there are ways to attack the problem directly, and it starts with getting help at the most obvious of places: the dentist. Dr. Joel Miller of Aesthetic Dentistry of Valencia has been studying the issue since dental school, and has ample experience for diagnosing and alleviating the problem. He knows how difficult it can be seeking help for bad breath, but says there’s no need to worry. “We ask them in a gentle way,” says Miller. “Sometimes their spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend will push them to take are of it.”

The next step is figuring out where it’s coming from. The most common cause is food debris on the teeth, which a rigorous teeth cleaning should fix. However, if that isn’t the case, Miller might look for debris on the tongue, or look for a correlation between diabetes and sinus problems if need be. Even dry mouth can lead to bad breath as saliva rinses off food debris. Miller then needs to increase the salivary glands. “We can do this by giving the patient a lollipop that contains the medication.”

As you can tell, your dentist should know how to attack halitosis from all angles. And yes, foods like onions and garlic aren’t helping either. They produce sulfur in the breath for as long as 48 hours. While it might seem as if preventing bad breath is impossible, Miller offers an easy and sustainable regimen to help one’s chances:

Brush teeth 2-3 times a day

Use a mouth wash

Floss once or twice a day

Use tongue scrapers

Also, keeping dentist appointments might be a good idea. As Miller stresses, simply getting a teeth cleaning can do the trick.

For more information on Aesthetic Dentistry of Valencia, click here!

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