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McKeon Joins McCain To Introduce New Terrorist Detention Legislation

buckmckeonOur federal representative, Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, a member on the House Armed Services Committee, announced today that he will introduce legislation detailing procedures for detaining terrorists. Sen. John McCain, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, will introduce the same bill in the Senate.

The legislation will set up new policies for the detention, interrogation, and trial of terrorists who are suspected of engaging in hostilities against the United States.

"This legislation is simple: no more mirandizing terrorists, no more terrorist trials in civilian courts, and no more questions as to whether the military has the authority to detain enemy combatants for the duration of the conflict with al-Qaeda. The American people deserve a new terrorist detainee policy; and our legislation sets us on that path," said McKeon.

The new legislation, if passed by both houses and signed by President Obama, would:

- Require that terrorists suspected of engaging in hostilities against the U.S. will be held in military custody and interrogated for their intelligence value to prevent imminent and future attacks against the United States at home and abroad;

- Prohibit terrorists from being read Miranda rights and being told they have a right to a lawyer and a right to refuse to cooperate;

- Mandate a trial by a military commission if a decision is made to hold a criminal trial after we have obtained the intelligence information necessary to protect American lives;

- Authorize detention of such enemy combatants without criminal charges for the duration of the hostilities consistent with standards under the law of war which have been recognized by the Supreme Court.

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