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Antonovich Calls For Reforms To Ease Deficit

In a letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger last week, L.A. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich mikeantonovichoutlined strategies to help California recover from this year's budget crisis.


"As a new $21 billion State deficit looms, I urge you to develop, implement, and support structural reforms to address our immediate crisis and provide a long term solution for future generations," said Antonovich.

He urged the immediate implementation of the following recommendations:


  • Eliminate State agencies with duplicative responsibilities
  • Enact a 2-year budget
  • Enact a part-time legislature
  • Repeal term limits
  • Reform civil service
  • Reduce costly legislation -- it currently costs $500,000 to pass a bill into law.


In addition to these vital reforms, Antonovich urged the Governor to:


  • Reject the call of those who want to tax-and-borrow California into bankruptcy.


  • Duplicate Nevada's efforts to attract California companies with business-friendly incentives including reduced taxes and regulation -- and an innovative marketing campaign. (See attached advertisements.)


"Providing incentives for businesses will stimulate enterprise and competition," he added.  "New jobs will flood the marketplace and a broad base of revenue will expand to fill State coffers and lead to economic recovery and growth."