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California's Energy Rewards Program Due In 2010


The City of Santa Clarita is pleased to announce that the California Appliance Rebate program is expected to roll out in early spring 2010. Residents are encouraged to utilize GreenSantaClarita.com, the City's "green" website, for updates about program information and implementation.


The Energy Commission submitted its proposed Appliance Rebate Program design to the U.S. Department of Energy on October 14. Three residential appliance categories were selected to be eligible to receive rebates: clothes washers (proposed rebate: $100), refrigerators (proposed rebate: $75), and room air conditioners (proposed rebate: $50). Appliances must be ENERGY STAR-listed and certified to the Energy Commission as meeting all state and federal appliance efficiency standards to be eligible for rebates.

"The City created GreenSantaClarita.com to help keep residents, businesses and builders informed on environmental issues and initiatives," said Mayor Frank Ferry. "With the upcoming launch of the California Appliance Rebate program, community members can learn how the program will be implemented locally."

The Energy Commission used a Department of Energy list of "pre-screened" appliances to determine appliances eligible for the program. Earlier in 2009, the California Department of Energy received $35.2 million in appropriated federal stimulus package funding to assist California residents in swapping out old energy inefficient home appliances for new, Energy Star-qualified ones.

For more information on the California Appliance Rebate program, please contact David Peterson, Assistant Planner II for the City's Planning Division, at (661) 284-1406 or visit greensantaclarita.com and click on the "Energy Star Products" icon.