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School Videotape Stops Graffiti Streak


A prolific graffiti vandal has been caught and faces felony charges when he returns to court on Thursday after a campus camera captured his dirty deeds on videotape.

Garrett Williams, 18, of Canyon Country, was arrested Sept. 21 after a security tape from Canyon High School caught his last defiant act.


School deputies, working with members of the Sheriff's COBRA team and the graffiti tracking system, were able to identify Williams as a senior from another school and linked him to 52 other incidents of graffiti-related vandalism.

His defacing of public property, including street signs, walls, sidewalks and bus benches, resulted in $23,000 in damage.

Williams turned age 18 just days before September 12, which allows the district attorney to charge him as an adult for the latest incident. He will be prosecuted for prior incidents as a juvenile.

He was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism and was in custody for several days at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's station before posting bond on Sept. 25. He is scheduled to return to Superior Court on Thursday.