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Spots, Stripes, Leaping, Pouncing...Much to See At Feline Twilight Tour

On September 19, The Exotic Breeding Feline Compound's (FBFC) Feline Conservation Center will host the third of its Twilight Tour events; inviting guests to visit the center during evening hours and find out what wild cats actually do at night.


The events are a big part of the Center's public awareness and educational programs, which hope to promote endangered species preservation and conservation.  Visitors have a chance to see one of the world's largest collections of rare wild feline species during their most active period and are witness to animal behaviors not ordinarily seen during normal zoo experiences.


At this popular event, enrichment items, "toys," will be given to EFBC felines to pique their interest, as well as providing amusing entertainment for the center's visitors.  This is the time to bring cameras and video equipment.  Felines not ordinarily on exhibit to the general public will also be available for viewing.


Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the event runs until dark. Tickets are $15 per person and restricted to adults over 18 years of age only.


See the animals and learn more about the Center at