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Valencia Acura - At Your Service

At Valencia Acura, the dedication they have for their customers and their automobiles is unmatched anywhere else in the Santa Clarita Valley. Their Service Department takes tremendous care of not only each and every car that comes through its doors for servicing and repairs, but each and every customer patiently waiting for their car as well.

While most dealerships force their customers to wait for their car to be serviced with nothing more than an outdated magazine, Valencia Acura and their Service Department provide the customer with countless amenities and services to keep you comfortable and happy while you wait.

Gourmet coffee and freshly baked cookies are always available in case a bit of hunger happens to strike. Massage treatments and specialties are available throughout the week, including Manicure Mondays, Massage Wednesdays, and Shoe Shine Fridays.

And when your car is finally ready to hit the road after receiving the best service in Santa Clarita, it will have received a full car wash inside and out and it will have a bottle of fresh water waiting for you inside.

Come see why their service department is just one of the reasons why Valencia Acura continues to be among the best in customer service and satisfaction.




David Edwards Mike Dellolio
Service Director Service Advisor


Joey Dellolio: Service Advisor

Greg Williamson: Service Advisor

Nicholas Buncick: Shuttle Driver

Dennis Calove: Shuttle Driver

Luis Arrunategui: Technician

Victor Juliano: Technician

Dennis McWilliams: Technician

Daniel Porter: Technician

Joshua Duncan: Technician

Shawn Wagner: Technician

Erick Avila: Porter

Guilfredo Ortiz: Porter

Juan Avila: Porter

Henry Gonzalez: Porter

Kenet Jiron: Porter

Rene Martinez: Porter

Eugenio Ramirez: Porter

Rene Aguilar: Porter

Love Your Car

Looking for ways to keep your car running like new? Here's a few tips to help you make sure your Acura continues to run as well as the day you bought it!


  • Avoid exceeding your car's load limit. This puts excess strain on the engine, brakes, and several other systems in your car
  • Operate your Acura on reasonable roads within the legal speed limit
  • Drive your Acura regularly over a distance of several miles. Like a person, a car functions better with regular exercise
  • Always use unleaded gasoline of the proper Octane Number (Anti-Knock Index)
  • Check the engine oil and radiator coolant levels each time you fill up the gas tank. This will help protect the vital systems of your Acura and reveal any potential problems


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