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City Council Could Add More Severe Consequences To Loud Parties

news_citymattersThis week, Council could vote to raise the nuisance citation.


Tuesday night, the Santa Clarita City Council will vote on a change to the municipal code that would officially declare loud parties a "public nuisance" and change the ways for dealing with them.


According to the City, the Sheriff's Department assigns two patrol vehicles and four deputies to respond to the 20-45 daily "loud party" calls on the weekend. The only citation those deputies can give out is a $200 fine payable by the individual responsible for the loud party.


However, since that individual is often a minor, City staff is recommending that the Council change the citation to make the homeowner responsible for paying the fine.


Additionally, City staff complains that the current fee goes towards court administration costs and therefore the City is not being reimbursed for the deputies needed to combat the public nuisance calls. To correct that, they are suggesting that the fee be set at $390 for every citation after the 1st.


Also on City Council's agenda this week will be a revised ordnance that should allow bicycles on sidewalks when no bike lanes are available. Also, City Council members will receive direction on the formation of a new City arts commission.


KHTS AM-1220 will post details of the Council meeting shortly after its conclusion Tuesday night.