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Body Wellness: Athletic Children And Chiropractic

By Dr. Kelly Herta, DC

Often times in my office I get to know my patients rather well through conversations as the patient is being treated. As a result often times I also learn about their children and their children’s athletic ventures. But I am often shocked when patients look at me with a surprised face when I mention that I work on children, especially those who play sports and suffer from sports related injuries. I often find myself explaining to patients the benefits of chiropractic for children, and especially children that are athletic.

But, many parents think that their children couldn’t possibly need chiropractic. After all, I often hear “they’ll bounce back, they’re just growing.” Parents often times don’t realize that their children’s injuries, even if they seem minute, could effect them long term. But this is simply not true; many injuries that are suffered as a child go on to be felt long into adulthood. Actually, many times when an adult patient comes into my office they tell me that they have been suffering from their pain since their childhood or teen years.

Especially in today’s world of children’s athletics, the competition is greater and the injuries are prevalent. But, many of the most common injuries such as sprains and strains are avoidable. Moreover, many children are suffering from sore joints, muscle imbalances and even low back pain. Injuries can often times be avoided by keeping the body in proper balance, through chiropractic adjustments, and with the use of various stretches and muscle balancing exercises, given by the chiropractor, that one may not learn on their athletic team. Another option to help children to avoid injuries is to see their chiropractor for their pre-sports physical so that they can be checked for potential problems.

Working with athletic children happens to be one of my favorite aspects of being a chiropractor. I love having the ability to educate children on simple ways to keep themselves from injuries and help them to enjoy their favorite sport without having to suffer.

For more information, contact Dr. Kelly Herta, DC at Aligned Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Located at 27875 Smyth Dr. # 100, and can be reached at (661)295-5200.

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