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10 Things To Do In Preparation For A Job Interview

  • Conduct your own self-assessment. Analyze your top accomplishments and achievements. Prepare stories painting a picture of your top 3.


  • Update your resume. Tend to your resume and make it flawless.


  • Get a good night sleep. Obvious?


  • Eat. Don't stuff yourself, but you don't want your interviewer to hear your stomach rumbling.


  • Prepare your clothes: business-dress attire. Make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and appropriate. Be conservative.


  • Plan your route to the interview. Know where and how you're going. Allow for traffic. Don't be late.


  • Research the company and the competition. If you haven't put forth the time and energy to do this work, don't expect the employer to be impressed. Even if your resume is stellar.


  • Research the position for which you're applying. Obvious? Show the employer that this is the perfect job for you, and why.


  • Prepare questions ahead of time. The employer wants to know what you know and about what you're curious. He or she wants to hear intelligent, thoughtful questions.


  • Bring plenty of copies of your resumes. Make sure your interviewer has at least one.


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