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Magic Mountain Makes Mothers Day For Single Mothers

Singles Mothers Outreach has teamed up with

Six Flags Magic Mountain to make this Mothers Day an extra special day for its members.

Single mothers involved with the Single Mothers Outreach Life skills workshops and enrolled in vocational or college classes are being treated to a full day of fun at

Magic Mountain .


“Make a Mothers Day is one of our inspire programs to reward those who are moving forward in their lives,” said DaAnne Smith, Board President of the group.


One hundred mothers and their families will be given free parking, admission to the park, lunch at the MooseBurger Lodge and chocolates this Sunday to reward those mothers who wouldn’t otherwise be celebrating on their special day.


“For most of our families this is a luxury they cannot afford, so this is an opportunity for our families to enjoy a day together at Six Flags on Mothers Day,” said Smith.


In addition to student mothers the program was opened to the Single Mothers Outreach general membership.


For more information on the Single Mothers Outreach and the programs they offer click here.