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SCV Outdoor Report

    SCV Outdoor Report: Terminal Buzz

    By:  Wendy Langhans






    SCV Outdoor Report: Bee Glue, Part II

    By:  Wendy Langhans


    Last week, we looked at how honeybees use propolis as a tool “to smooth surfaces in the hive, close holes or cracks in the nest, reduce the size of the entrances to keep out intruders...”.  This week, let’s look at propolis’ anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help protect the bees from infections and diseases.


    SCV Outdoor Report: Stain Release

    by:  Wendy Langhans


    My husband is a racing fan, so it was no surprise to me to find the Fresh Fit 500 on TV when I came home last Sunday.  But what did surprise me was the Tide commercial, showing track workers spreading Tide laundry detergent on the track to clean up after a fire and fuel spill at the Daytona 500.  (To watch, click here.)

    SCV Outdoor Report: Candy Wrapper

    By:  Wendy Langhans

    As a child growing up in Wisconsin, our front yard was the perfect spot for hanging out with friends on a warm spring afternoon:  a shady tree, a dirt driveway perfect for shooting marbles, and plenty of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Quicker Picker-Upper

    By: Wendy Langhans

    Q.  What do drinking straws and paper towels have in common?

    A.  They employ techniques similar to those used by feeding butterflies.


    SCV Outdoor Report: Colorful Veins

    By Wendy Langhans

    Take a look at the back of your hands.  Do you see the network of blue-colored veins, carrying blood back to your heart?  But did you know that flower petals also have veins?


    SCV Outdoor Report: Roundabouts


    By Wendy Langhans

    This report is a "Best of SCV Outdoor Report" and has been previously published.

    Would it surprise you to learn that the mountains circling our valley function like a roundabout - a circular intersection for wildlife?

    Our Santa Clarita valley is the center hub of this roundabout.