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SCV Outdoor Report

    SCV Outdoor Report: Highways In The Sky

    By Wendy Langhans


    In southwestern Wisconsin, the opening day of duck huntingmight as well be a national holiday, or so says my Dad.  He ought to know; he’s been hunting ducks formore than 60 years.


    SCV Outdoor Report - Talking Trees

    By Wendy Langhans
    There’s a marvelous scene in The Wizard of Oz, where atalking apple tree slaps Dorothy’s hand and then asks her in a deep, gravellyvoice, “How would you like to have someone come along and pick something off ofyou?


    But trees can’t really talk, can they?  Well maybe not “talk”, but as recent studiesin California suggest, they may“communicate” with other plants.


    SCV Outdoor Report - The Itsy Bitsy Spider

    By Wendy Langhans

    This week, reporting live from my front porch…

    SCV Outdoor Report - Well Grounded

    By Wendy Langhans

    “How can I stand on the ground every day and not feel itspower? How can I live my life stepping on this stuff and not wonder at it?”


    I found this quote from William Brian Logan at the entry tothe exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History, “Dig It! The Secrets of Soil” whichexplores the “hidden horizons” of world beneath our feet. 


    SCV Outdoor Report: Some Days You're The Pigeon

    By Wendy Langhans

    ……This is Wendy Langhans, Outdoors correspondent for KHTS AM1220, on temporary assignment in Washington DC……

    (I always wanted to say that.)


    As any tourist knows, statues are a common sight in WashingtonDC. They’re everywhere you look. 




    SCV Outdoor Report: Waste Not - Want Not

    By: Wendy Langhans



    It was the smoothly carved notch in the wood that caught my


    Like many people, I grew up playing with Lincoln
    logs, so I’m familiar with the technique of notching logs to strengthen the
    corners of a log cabin and minimize the need for protective “chinking” between
    the logs.  But this was a feed bin,
    located inside a barn.  Besides, the
    notch was horizontal, not vertical.  So I
    asked our interpretive guide, “Why did the farmer carve that notch here?”

    SCV Outdoor Report: Optical Illusions

    By: Wendy Langhans


    Optical illusions can help us see more clearly.  That’s because what we perceive depends not only on sensory input from our eyes but also the rules and assumptions hidden in our brain.  Optical illusions are designed to uncover these assumptions.


    Look at this example of an optical illusion and you’ll see what I mean.  The circle in the middle appears to leap out as a convex sphere while the circles on the right and left sides appear to curve inward as a concave hole.


    SCV Outdoor Report: Scratch And Sniff

    By: Wendy Langhans


    Sometimes it’s the things we avoid that have the most to teach us.


    SCV Outdoor Report: A Matter Of Timing

    By: Wendy Langhans


    A bat hanging on to the side a wheelbarrow in the middle of the afternoon - Photo by C. Grogan.

    Who ever heard of a bat hanging from a wheelbarrow in the middle of the afternoon?