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SCV Outdoor Report

    SCV Outdoor Report:Fruits Of Their Labors

    By Wendy Langhans

    Normally, I look for Prickly Pear Cactus in the spring; their cheerful yellow flowers are quite striking in May and June.  But last weekend, I got to see the fruits of their labors - pear-shaped, purplish-red fruit known as “Tunas”.









    SCV Outdoor Report: A Little Night Music

    By Wendy Langhans

    Sometimes I go in search of stories and sometimes they go in search of me.  Sometimes...they even pay a visit to my back porch.

    SCV Outdoor Report: The Truth is out There

    By Wendy Langhans

    Tucked away in on a shelf in my office is a can of compressed gas, which I use occassionally use to clean the dust off my computer keyboard.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Oak Gall

    By Wendy Langhans

    What does Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, the writers of the U.S. Constitution, the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Native Americans of southern California have in common?

    They all used plant galls as a source of black dye.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Trouble Afoot

    By Wendy Langhans

    Sometimes it pays to get up early.  Like last Saturday, when a few intrepid (or insomniac) folks went for a morning walk with me in Pico Canyon.

    Our valley was wrapped in fog, yet the mountains were clear and bathed in the early morning light.  Rabbits were out feeding -  taking advantage of the transitional time - before the hawks woke up and after most owls called it a night.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Krumping Caterpillars

    By Wendy Langhans

    Have you ever watched people walking?  Did you notice how their arms swing in sync with their opposite legs?  As the right leg steps forward, the left arm swings forward (and vice versa).

    SCV Outdoor Report: Grubs, Galls and Goldenrod

    By Wendy Langhans

    The other day, my Dad and I were exploring Frog Alley, part of the Vernon Wildlife Area in southeastern Wisconsin.  We spotted some Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis), one of the most common of the 24 different species of Goldenrod in Wisconsin.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Toyon

    By Wendy Langhans

    Have you ever watched a wound heal? Bleeding, followed by a scab, which falls off revealing pinkish skin that eventually changes back to skin color. Healing is a process, involving a series of changes over time.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Rule Of Thumb

    khts_scvoutdoorreportBy Wendy Langhans

    Here’s a rule of thumb about “rules of thumb”:  professionals take measurements and amateurs use a “rule of thumb”.  For example, suppose you want to know what the weather will be like this evening.

    If you’re a meteorlogist, you rely on measurements from the National Weather Service office in Oxnard.  If you’re a mom, you remind your kids to “take a sweater”, just in case.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Love Those Handles

    khts_scvoutdoorreportby Wendy Langhans


    Handles on bags. Such a simple thing, but it allows us to carry more than we otherwise could. That’s true for us and also true for pollen-carrying insects.

    When we think of pollen, we think of tiny, mustard-yellow powdery grains, the kind that stick to beetles and bees.