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SCV Outdoor Report

    SCV Outdoor Report: Hydrogeology for Dummies - pt 3.


    By Wendy Langhans

    Quick - how many states are in the continental United States?  If you said 48, you’re right.  Now - how many watersheds are in the continental United States?  Would you believe me if I said more than 2,000?

    SCV Outdoor Report: Phototaxis

    1-scvoutdoorreport-logoBy Wendy Langahns:

    Hot August nights - a fine time to relax in a rocking chair on the front porch and listen to the crickets chirp.  Especially if you’re a cat.  Our cat, Mr. Bucky, likes it so much that he’s taken to sitting at the front door and yowling until I take him outside for a “rocking good time.”

    SCV Outdoor Report: A Tale Of Two Lilies

    By Wendy Langhans:

    I’ve travelled across Wisconsin more times than I can remember, but this time it was different.  This time, we “shunpiked”.  Shunpike is an old word, maybe 200 years old, which has recently come to mean avoiding major highways and choosing to travel along more scenic and lightly-travelled roads.  So this time, Hugh and I avoided the swift sprint along the I-90/94 in favor of a slower paced and more colorful stroll along WIS 16.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Muggy

    By Wendy Langhans

    “Muggy” is not a word I would normally use to describe summers in our Santa Clarita Valley.  “Hot”, yes, but not “muggy”.  Of course, muggy depends on what you are used to, but in the continental U.S., it usually begins to feel muggy when the dew point is above 65 °F.  For me, the air is muggy is when I begin to “feel” the thickness of the air and the sweat on my skin refuses to evaporate.

    SCV Outdoor Report: The Fish Are Biting

    By Wendy Langhans

    When it comes to fishing, I am the laughing stock of my family.  My father and brother are avid outdoorsmen, so fishing is second nature to them.  My mother loved to fish, and she often took my sister and I with her.  So I learned how to bait a hook; I learned how to watch bobbers for the telltale nibble.  But, for the life of me, I could never learn how to set the hook.  More often that not, the fish got away.  I was a total fishing failure.

    SCV Outdoor Report: Take a Hike

    By Wendy Langhans

    People hike for all sorts of reasons.  Some hike to savor the world. They seek the thrill of understanding.  Some hike to experience the world.  They seek the thrill of adventure.  And some do both.  This week’s SCV Outdoor report is geared for those who are seeking adventure.


    SCV Outdoor Report: Poodle-Dog Bush

    By Wendy Langhans

    After several days of “June gloom”, the sun finally came out.  Time to ditch the worked piled up on my desk and go for a mind-clearing walk along the nearby paseo.  I was enjoying my walk when my eye caught a flash of color - a lavender-colored plant - that looked to be about 9-10 feet tall. “What on earth....?”  I’ve walked along this path too many times to count, but I had never noticed this plant before.  I decided to check it out.