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Mirabella Beauty



Mirabella Beauty is working on a local level with KHTS to promote beauty tip videos on their YouTube channel. Mirabella is releasing bi-weekly How-To videos showing easy-to-follow applications to create the looks you desire.

    Healthy And Radiant Skin


    Healthy and radiant skin without the harmful effects of tanning salons or overexposure to the sun, that’s the warm and sculpted look every woman craves. You can now have that Sun-Kissed glow thanks to Mirabella’s latest video that teaches you how to apply Bronzer and Highlighter.


    Mirabella Goes Viral


    Amber Bowen, Creative Director from Mirabella Cosmetics came in for an interview in our studio this afternoon to discuss beauty tips with Jason Endicott on The Afternoon Show.


    Makeup Made Simple And Easy


    Color the lids, line the lash line, add mascara, a touch of blush, and finally, pucker up for lipstick – ladies, the routine’s always the same. But whether we learned from our moms, our friends, or even beauty magazines, there’s always that same question – are we doing this right?


    Mirabella Beauty, a complete cosmetic line with over 200 clean, luxury, mineral-based products, understands your questions. Besides providing a variety of classic and modern colors, Mirabella offers countless tips and tricks for everyone from salon professionals to teenage girls.

    Summer Heatwave Melt-Proofing


    Mirabella Beauty is hitting the web and working on a local level with KHTS to promote beauty tip videos on their new YouTube channel. Mirabella is releasing bi-weekly How-To videos with easy-to-follow applications to create that defined look you desire.


    Mirabella kicks off its 'Summer Makeup' tutorials by releasing the latest video that takes on the challenge of "Melt-Proofing" your makeup during the onslaught of summer heat waves. Mirabella teaches you how to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. It doesn't matter if you spend a day in relaxation down by the pool or crank out a session at the gym. With this simple application technique, Mirabella teaches you how to truly 'melt-proof' your makeup.